Discounted Items

We always aim to keep our stock in good condition so our customers can have their purchased items in their default factory state but sometimes, accidents are bound to happen which is why we have created a dedicated collection of items that were damaged on our end with a ridiculous discount, so we won't ship out a damaged item to you, at least not without you knowing prior hand. Here, you will find items with physical damages either due to accidents in our warehouse or due to mishandling by our shipping partners that brought the said product into the country. We take the safety of our numerous customers seriously, so you can rest assured that non of these items is a returned item as we currently do NOT accept returns. Kindly check our Exchange and Return page to read more about our Exchange and Return Policy.

Empty collection

This collection does not contain any products.

Customer service

You can reach us at 07061784071. We are available from 10AM - 5PM, Monday to Friday to answer your questions.